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    HOME WORK – premiere‎ 10/16/2015

    First ‎premiere in the 2015/2016 theatre season of “Tresnja” theatre was a play “HOME WORK, directed by Miro Medjimorac.

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    HEAVY INDUSTRY/TESKA INDUSTRIJA – new single and premiere showing of the music video 10/15/2015

    Cold atmosphere of the exteriors, in contrast with emotionally heavy love scenes between Lea and Andrej, created and intriguing audio-visual story.  

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    ROMEO and JULIET at Skocibuh, an ancient renaissance summer home in Dubrovnik, 2015.

    The renaissance summer home Skocibuh, at Bonin‎ was the place where reprisal of the play “Romeo and Giulietta” took place. It was originally performed first at the 65th Annual Dubrovnik Summer Games. Written by William Shakespeare, directed by Jagos Markovic, and performed by the festivals drama ansamble.

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    Theater play ”Legends” written by Miroslav Krleza and directed by Georgij Paro

    Theater play ”Legends” written by Miroslav Krleza and directed by Georgij Paro. Rehearsals, rehearsals and yet more rehearsals. I am playing Jesus Christ – feeling relaxed and confident about it. Everyone around me had an advice on how I should portray Jesus. I just followed my instincts. At the end of the day, we all […]

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    Feature Film titled ”The Lake”

    Feature Film titled ”The Lake”, directed by Steven Quale and produced by Luc Besson’s production company EuropaCorp. Reading the script and rehearsing my lines for the part I am playing in the upcoming Hollywood action/adventure Feature Film titled “The Lake”. Relaxing inside my trailer, but nevertheless eagerly awaiting the beginning of filming the soon to […]

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    Mad Max Glembay tour around Poland in 8 days!

    1 van, 1 driver, 1 pool table, 3 actors, 2 technicians, 8 days, 2700km, 4 hotels, 6 shows, 6 theatres in 4 cities: Krakow, Katowice, Poznan, Warsaw along with 14 Žubrowkas of 0,7ml,  easily consumed. Mission successfully accomplished. Wonderful audience and organization, followed us along from show to show, and city to city. In fact, […]

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    Andrej Dojkić - Na rubu

    Tina Vukov – Na rubu (VIDEO) – Andrej Dojkic

    The video was shot in a very soft and poetically stylish manner. Using full color, along with black and white, staring actors Jadranka Djokic , Andrej Dojkic and Filip Stanic who all truthfully and with much emotion portrayed the troubling experience of dealing with fear, and the internal/intimate fight by the characters I conceived. This […]

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    The Reaper movie

    The reaper movie directed by Zvonimir Juric. Three stories take place during a single night. All these stories involve Ivo in different ways. Gradually, we gain a gloomy picture of Ivo’s life and the area where he lives, stuck in war, imprisoned by it; as is Ivo, by his crime. http://www.kinorama.hr/en/filmovi/The-Reaper-/54

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    armand assante kikas andrej dojkic

    Movie project ”Anton Kikas True story”

    Story about the guy who wanted to help Croatia back in 90s by sending on behalf of Croatian community in Toronto instead of the money a large airplane full…

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