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  • Drama theater play in Gavella “Heart larger than hand”


    Drama theater play in Gavella “Heart larger than hand”

    People entangled in a love rectangle are played by Barbara Nola, Hrvoje Klobučar, Tara Rosandić and Andrej Dojkić. The play is directed and the music for the play selected by Tamara Damjanović who is also a dramaturg and a stage designer, while the costume designs are signed by Marita Ćopo. ‘It is about a love story, a love square and people who got entangled in romantic relationships which they cannot get out of, said the director and added that the small, intimate venue where the play is performed additionally contributes to the intensity of the emotions the actors express. ‘I think that everyone can recognize themselves in this work. Such were the reactions of people who saw the first performance of the play. We needed the audience so that we could see if we had succeeded in delivering these emotions and everything we have built into the play. We tried to achieve that everything we have built into it can be related to real-life situations, said Andrej Dojkić in the TV-show

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