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    As a child I never dreamed of becoming an actor. I didn’t even enjoy reading school assignments or seeing theater plays. My interests were in streetball, skateboard, outdoor adventures. However, I loved films. I vividly remember playing my favorite films over and over again on my second-hand VCR, and repeating actors’ lines in the solitude of my room. Actors intrigued me.

    I used to believe they were somehow special, “chosen” , as they seemed to have no sense of shame or nervousness about performing. Today, I am that person, who is living his true calling and I have a tremendous sense of gratitude for it. I enjoy acting so much, to the point of sometimes being afraid of losing the possibility to act. Love has taken me through a broad spectra of emotions in life, and acting taught me how to share those with people. It helped me get to know and accept myself with all the flaws and virtues, and be truly appreciative of all the forming experiences. Most importantly, acting showed me a way to be really present in the moment, not dwelling in the past or ruminating about future. Because I live and breathe acting, I continuously work on my craft every single day, even if just by closely observing people, places and things.

    I am most grateful to my mom, who always supported and encouraged me to follow my heart, not just when the camera is rolling, but every single moment of my life

    Do you really want to become an actor, but only providing that acting doesn’t interfere with your golf game, your political ambitions, and your sex life, you don’t really want to become an actor. Not only is acting more than a part-time job, it’s more than a full-time job.
    It’s full time obsession!

    by Michael Caine