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  • ”Tesla Anonymous” Gavella Drama Theater


    ”Tesla Anonymous” Gavella Drama Theater

    Writing about the play ‘’Tesla Anonymous’’, the author and the director says: ‘’Starting from the fact that Tesla’s contribution to our civilization and humankind is at the same time recognized and quite unrecognized, I will try to shed some light on a few lesser known events in the life and work of this incredible inventor. Thinking about the consequences of Tesla’s work and about the influence of his discoveries on the awareness of people and the development of society, I sometimes wonder whether Tesla was perhaps wrong in his endeavours to make the world a better place. What I mean to say is, the inventions he left behind, which he intended to be available to every one of us, precisely these inventions, whether he wanted it or not, ended up in the hands of the biggest industrial magnates in the world, strange characters who under the aegis of – ‘’progress’’ – reap profit for themselves, widening the gap between the rich and the poor even more in the process. I am almost certain that Tesla himself, at one point, had to become aware of that fact and that he left most of his inventions ‘’for himself’’, without documenting them. Bearing that in mind, one could portray Tesla as a true hero of time.’’ The cast: Marko Petrić, Andrej Dojkić, Antonija Stanišić Šperanda, Natalija Đorđević, Tara Rosandić, Đorđe Kukuljica, Filip Šovagović and Fadil Abdulov Fafa.

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