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  • Andrej Dojkic total transformation in The Match


    Andrej Dojkic total transformation in The Match

    In the motion picture – The Match – produced by S.Ollendorf and directed by J.Sedlar and D.Sedlar Andrej Dojkic is playing the lead role of Laszlo Horvath. In the movie stars: Caspar Phillipson, Milton Welsh, Robert Maaser, FIlip Tallhman, Andrea Zirio, Philippe Reinhardt, Niksa Kuselj, Armand Assante…and professional football players Mateo Kovacic (Chelsea F.C.) and Dejan Lovren (Liverpool F.C.).

    From interview:

    Drastic loss of weight, living off tea, almonds, apples, boiled meat, avocado, and following the fitness trainer Pere Kuterovac and Dražen Prskalo’s training programme, with numerous workout sessions and morning marathons, were required according to the script so that the 38-year-old actor from Osijek can play the role of Laszlo Horvath, a Hungarian football player who ended up at the Kecskemet prison camp in 1944.

    The movie is largely based on a true story, the script co-writer and producer being an 85-year-old American, Stephen Ollendorff. At the time when Hungary is occupied by the Nazis, Laszlo Horvath, interpreted by Dojkić, is a star, a member of the Hungarian high society, as well as of the resistance movement. One evening, after an incident that took place in a public place when he lost his nerve and behaved arrogantly towards SS members, the consequences Laszlo had to face were fatal….

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